The story so far

The story should really start in 1980 when I bought my first TVR – a 1979 3000S – but for the purpose of this blog the beginning was in 1989 when my job was transfered to Germany and the TVR was parked in my garage in England. To cut this part of the story short, the 2 to 3 year expectation of our stay in Germany turned into 20 and despite various thoughts of bringing the TVR to Germany during this time, it stayed in the garage in England – slowly crumbling.
During these 20 years, we had rented out our house to various people but kept the garage locked. However, on our return, we found that the car had been moved and was now wedged into the corner of the garage with flat tyres and seized brakes, in other words impossible to move!

With help and advice from various friends and the use of a couple of trolley jacks, she was finally manoeuvred into a position where I had enough access to free up the brakes and get the tyres pumped up. She was finally rolled outside in early March 2011 and this is where the real story starts.

I’ll progress the story from March to the present over the next few posts and then try and take it to completion when I hope to have a brand new TVR to present.


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