Bonnet off

In March, I started the dismantling by removing the bonnet from the car. The wiring connectors were of the multiple bullet type and came apart with varying degrees of difficulty. The hinge bolts were rusted solid so had to be sawn through. With the bonnet removed it could be inspected in a bit more detail. Unfortunately, most of the attachments to the bonnet were in pretty bad shape due to rust and will need to be replaced rather than refurbished.
The headlamps, particularly the bowls, were very rusty as were the side repeaters. The front lights and flasher lamp units were in reasonable condition and could probably be re-used with new screws and gaskets.
The frame was also badly rusted and had probably split the fibreglass that was bonding it to the main bonnet structure. Again, this will almost certainly need replacement. The quarter rubber bumpers were known beforehand to be badly damaged and it could be seen that, as well as external parts of the rubber being torn, the inner frame had expanded and split the rubber along its length. The bumper fixing bolts were all rusted solid and sheared off when forced with a 1/2″ socket drive.
The soundproofing attached to the underside of the bonnet was in reasonable shape but it remains to be seen if this can be smartened up. Sandwiched between the soundproofing and the bonnet, right above the engine, was a metalised square with a wire running towards the bonnet frame but not attached. I assume this is an anti-interference device and will need re-connecting to a suitable earth point.

The bonnet catches looked to be slightly bent and, when removed, it could be seen that the fibreglass mounts were also split, particularly on the near side.
It looks likely that this happened when someone tried to force the bonnet closed – probably the same person that wedged it in the corner of the garage.

In summary then, most of the attached hardware will need replacing and although the bonnet itself is sound, it will need a respray which will mean stripping it down to the gel-coat and rectifying some “crow’s feet” cracks near the headlamps. Let’s see what April brings as the dismantling continues…


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