Dash and Wiring Loom out

Although the body is ready to lift, I’m distracted by jobs that need doing on the S3 I just bought and on my daughter’s Ford Ka.
I’m able to get a few small jobs done so the dash comes out and the wiring loom is labeled up and partially removed.

The instruments look in reasonable condition except for the black bezels which have some small pitting on them. This will need either replacements or refurbishing. They are all matt black so may be paint on metal which should be possible to refurbish – most replacements that I have seen are chrome.
The warning lights have slightly corroded chrome surrounds which might be difficult to refurbish or replace with exact same type. Most of those available on ebay seem to have a slightly different lens – round markings instead of hexagonal.
The heater control mechanism looks in reasonable condition but the front overlay looks tatty and may not be easy to replace and one of the cables had snapped off its fixing.

So not much progress in May what with all the other distractions but I have spent a while looking for various replacement parts and making alterations to the garage so that I have a bit more space to work.


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