Seat out but problems with the Windscreen frame

Yet more distractions in June as the S3 needs a bit more TLC but still the odd job carried out to push the project forward.
The seats were removed to make the body lighter to lift and to see what shape they were in. The 4 bolts holding each seat came undone easily enough – they were captive in the seat frame which helped. There were penny washers on the underside and the holes had been filled with mastic – also protecting the bolt threads. Each seat rail was mounted on a wooden spacer with the inner spacer being thinner than the outer. The seat cover were known to be in bad shape but it was clear on removal that the cushions were begining to crumble so will need replacing.
The frame may need a bit of tidying up but looks basically sound.
With the seats out, the carpets and underlay were then removed. The foam backing on the carpets was flaking off and it was clear anyway that a new carpet set would be required.
Another job that was squeezed in was to try and remove the ignition switch module. Having tested this with a multimeter, none of the switch positions were working so obvioulsy something was wrong. I wasn’t able to get the switch module out of the holder since one of the retaining screws head was stripped. However, it was easy to undo the crimps and get the switch apart when it became clear that water had got in and corroded all the contacts.

The contact material was copper which cleaned up perfectly with Alubright but the crimps may not hold it together when reassembled so I’m on the look out for a replacement.
Another job that was tackled was to see whether the windscreen would come off the body. The chrome strip along the front was fastened with several screws that had rusted badly. Those that were stuck were drilled out and only one has a piece stuck in the hole. the difficulties started with a stuck screw holding the the stainless frame to the steel frame which just wouldn’t budge. Then the wing nuts on the bolts on the underside wouldn’t shift either.

Applying medium force to overcome the rust finally broke the tabs off the wingnut so both were removed using a bolt-splitter. This worked fine since the wingnut metal was pretty soft. However, with the nuts off, the bolts would not move in the tube meaning that the windscreen was still stuck firmly to the body.
Advice from the various forums was that the bolts are rusted in the spacer inside the tube and that the only real solution is to either saw the bolts off underneath the screen and replace the tubes or to leave it as it is and repair the frame in situ.
Not being sure what’s going to be best, we’ll leave this one stewing for a while – waiting for inspiration!


5 thoughts on “Seat out but problems with the Windscreen frame

    1. I’m afraid not. The windscreen frame is still the main issue. I haven’t updated the blog because nothing much has changed. I’m also now in the middle of a house move so probably not much is going to happen till the new year. Thanks for asking!

      1. Hi, what is the problem with the windscreen frame. i ask you, because i got an offer for a car and the seller tell me, that the windscreen frame should be replaced. Do you know what a new frame costs?

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