Petrol tank out but holed

Still more distractions in July and more problems with rust.
The top part of the windscreen frame behind the crash header had suffered from surface rust which made it difficult to get the sun visor bolts undone. Having decided to saw through the fixing bolts and eventually getting the header off, I saw that the visor bolts were screwed into captive nuts on the frame – and these now had a very long, rusty threaded rod in them. Not a disaster but time consuming to rectify.
The news on the bottom rail of the screen frame was worse, though. This had rusted away almost completely and the seal to the body just pulled away leaving nothing behind to fit a new seal to.

This could turn into a major issue since re-fabrication will be difficult due to the 3D curves involved and a replacement could be very expensive.
Turning attention to the other end, I decided to remove the fuel tank. The 2 fixing straps came away easily but the filler hose and cap proved a bit more difficult since I couldn’t work out how to remove the filler cap from the body. Turning to the forums for advice, I found the trick – there is a slot in the body which is covered with mastic to provide the water seal. Removing the mastic allowed the filler cap (when flipped open) to turn through 90 degress to get the first drain tube through. Turning back 90 degrees allows the 2nd drain tube through and the whole assembly comes out.

Taking the tank out after that was straightforward but the rusty coloured felt covering the floor didn’t look too good.

and sure enough, the bottom of the tank had rusted through.

So another item added to the ever growing shopping list. Stainless or Aluminium?


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