Chassis inspection

Progress in September was slow due to other things going on and the fine weather in the last couple of weeks.
However, a few more bits and pieces were removed like the brake pipes, handbrake cable and clutch cable. Some of brake pipes had been squeezed when fastened to the chassis with cable ties so need to find a better fixing method for the re-build. The handbrake cable looks servicable and each run has a grease nipple in the middle of the outer length so hopefully these will clean up and be re-usable. The clutch cable looks in good condition but the rubber boot that should seal the opening in the bell-housing is deformed and will not seal fully (despite having a spring clip inside to spread it onto the seats) so may need replacing.
I also removed the radiator which meant draining the cooling system. The water was a clear blue so obviously the anti-freeze rust ihibitor had kept working all these years. Top and bottom hose looked in good condition as well. The radiator is probably servicable but has been slightly damaged as something has bent back some of the laminations. This will need to be pressure checked before re-fitting.
Next up was the prop shaft – 4 bolts at the diff flange and then the front spline slid out of the gearbox.
I finally removed the rubber body mounts on the cross members. There was some rusted layers clinging to the rubber but the cross members themselves cleaned up well with a wire brush and were even showing some paint and patches of bare metal.

The cross member metal thickness is 3mm confirming that it’s only surface rust and should be OK to use as they are – just needs shot blasting to get to bare metal like the rest of the chassis.
The rear frame work has also survived well. Even in places with the absorbent “horse hair” padding which the tub sat on look good so I’ve been really lucky not to have found a lace-work chassis.

The next job will be to get the engine and drive train bits out so that I can strip the running gear to get a bare chassis ready for cleaning up, protecting and coating. Let’s see if I can get that done in October.


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