Front end coming together

Well the wishbones came back looking pretty good so I set about putting the rest of the polybushes in. Same procedure as last time and around 5 to 10 minutes each to press in and get the inner tube in. Still to do are the rear pivot pins which I decided to paint instead of powder coat. So far I have given them 2 coats of grey POR15 but the coverage is not so good so will need a 3rd coat.

With the rear hub uprights still having the pivot rods replaced, the first place I can start the reassembly is at the front end. The old trunnions were scrapped since the bolts were siezed in them so I bought new ones. These were marked L and R but I was uncertain what the convention was for this and the TR6 manual didn’t help by informing me that L goes on the left and R on the right! The fount of all knowledge Pistonheads came up with the answer – L is nearside. I also learned that the trunnions set the castor angle on the M-series and that also the upper wishbones are handed with the front section being slightly longer than the rear section to accomodate the 3 degree castor angle. Getting the new nylon trunnion bushes into the wishbones was proving difficult and I managed to damaged a couple in the process of pressing them in so I had to order new ones. When these came they were white rather than black and fitted much more easily so it looks like there are 2 types of TR6 bush and I was sent the wrong ones first time round. With the uprights, steering arms and brake caliper mounting plates cleaned up and painted with black POR15 it was time to reassemble the front suspension. I did this off the chassis to start with since I still need to get the garage organised to take the chassis – at the moment it is propped up in the car port and the garage is full of the S3 which will be coming out for summer!

As well as new or refurbished parts for the suspension, I had the steering rack rebuilt by Kiley Clinton who, whilst being a tad expensive, turned it round in a few days and with impressive results.

I also got the brake calipers rebuilt by Bigg Red and chose the gold plate option so that they have a similar look to the original finish but a bit more “blingy”.

To match the calipers, I decided to go with EBC dimpled and grooved brake discs and use green syuff brake pads.

A few odd jobs in between saw things like the handbrake assembly stripped, cleaned and repainted. This is going to be mostly hidden once the car is complete so I thought I’d give it some air time here to confirm that all parts are in good condition and working. Apart from the switch, that is, which has a warped plastic case which is taking the pressure away from the contacts so that it doesn’t work correctly. I will need to either find a repair or replacement at some stage but no panic at the moment.

So March saw some progress but suffered from the brilliant weather which meant I spent more time out and about driving the S3 rather than working in the garage.
April should hopefully see the front end suspension and steering built back onto the chassis.


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