South West England

Bio: I have always been interested in open top sports cars and owned a TR4A Surrey Top during the '70's. While working on contract in the Middle East I used to hire Morgans during leave periods in the UK. On one occasion no Morgans were available and I was offered a TVR instead. I was skeptical on first hearing this but once behind the wheel of one of the first 3000S cars, I was hooked! When I finished my overseas contracting I bought a 1 year old 3000S from John Britten and used it as a daily drive for almost 10 years until I went abroad again. It was always intended that the car would follow me but with family life and work getting in the way, it stayed in my garage until I finally made it home - 25 years later. As you might imagine, the car was in a barn find state when I opened the garage doors again. There was nothing else for it but to start on a complete nut & bolt strip and re-build. This blog covers the ups and downs of this project from it's start in 2010 to completion (hopefully) in 2014. The target is to complete the restoration in time for the annual Pre-80's TVR show iin September.

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